This topic may attract many people to read what this article wants to say as this topic is close to the heart of most of us. Everyone of us feels and strongly believes that the X person, or X colleague is growing just by keeping the seniors happy and actually spending time in ensuring fulfillment of needs of the boss instead of ensuring fulfillment of target more professionally. Another myth of our professional life is that we are being dealt unprofessionally by citing the phrase “behave professionally and talk only to the subject”.

Now most of you would feel that I will say that all these things are non-sense and everyone puts the equal effort though few people are good in cajoling and few are not, so, few present their efforts in more smart way than few others. Then you may expect from me that I will say that their is another concept that few are smart workers and so are able to manage more productivity by putting lesser efforts and so management is always happy from them and few others who are not smart workers put more efforts to achieve the same efforts and hence do not bring a better productivity, so are not a favorite.

Honestly speaking, on face value, this theory looks very good, convincing and appropriate on the present scenario of management practices. But, then, this raises few more questions. I may ask then why the companies run by smart corporate theories mentioned in last para run like a mushroom and lives a short life. I may also ask that does this means that science and social science are two different things? Does this means that all the formulas of Work, Time, Motion, Energy we studied are myth? Also, does this means that the Gita gyan of Karma is not applicable here in corporate world?

You may ask me that why I am talking the present day phenomenon of mismanagement by management and appreciating the unworthy fellow and keeping the efficiency in back seat. It is known to all, what can we do? No one can do anything!

I just want to give my readers a relief by sharing my experience that no one is happy with the actions of management including those people who seems to be close to management, including those who are considered useless by the down trodden, hard working, hardly appreciated workers. Actually this is what management wants. No one should be happy and all should be competing with each other and remain unsatisfied so that who wants to stay and survive-with choose to please management by getting the work done from those who are hard workers but not smart workers.

And, in this process how management gets benefited? Simple! they are able to get their work done and at the same time not allowing the team to work as a union which otherwise may threat the owners someday. So simple, isn’t it?

Now one more question, What does management and owners gain out of this so called inefficient method of management described in above paras. What is that?

Answer is, in short term gain management is able to get the sycophants on top who actually do not know how to work but certainly knows how to get the work done from hard workers. But, alas, in long run, at the time of crises the sycophants are the first who runs away to please their new bosses. And! fortunately (pun intended) management do not know who are the actual workers who knows the job, efficient but not so called smart workers. Result is simple, the company faces a downfall with greater force than the it would have due circumstances or market conditions.

The hard worker who was adding value to his profession, experience and knowledge is then picked by those owners who knows that sycophancy is dangerous for the health of organization and who develops the method of ensuring the proper appraisal for the silent, hard working (not smart working) force.

To find such hard working employees is easy, to be such appreciating employer is further easy as this is the win-win situation. The companies which have lasted for more than two generations and are growing might have used the formulas indicated in last para.

Choice to be a smart management, appreciating the hard working employees, is on to the person who wishes his organization, company to run for generations.

Another open ended piece of work !

Note:- Hard workers are not to be misunderstood as Koluh ka baill rather they are smart people with  working hard properties and they do not waste time in pleasing bosses without working.